• Make ALQ to your things!

    ALQ allows people to lease their things for a certain period of time. Thus, the lessee can find all the objects that he needs for each occasion and the lessor can take advantage of those objects that he does not use daily. Easy and good for your economy.

  • Proyect:

    Designed in a simple yet elegant way, ALQ gives us a highly intuitive and simple platform for the user.

    Log in, write the type of item you need, see the options around you on the map, choose the one you like, select the number of days you need and ready: press ALQ!

  • More of ALQ

    In ALQ, we also offer:

    Scoring system

    Valuation system for lessees , lessors and their objects. So, you can see what the others have scored and decide who to rent.

    Your things are safe

    The value of the lease per day of each object, will be added a small fraction to secure it, destined to cover the damages in special cases. Subject to terms and conditions.

    Responsible App

    With ALQ you are not only responsible with your pocket, you are responsible with the world and you foment a more collaborative economy

    Make private loans

    If you lend any of your things to a friend, with the private covenants you make sure that you return the object. You can put a small value per day for unlimited time to your object.

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  • About ALQ

    ALQ was born as an application designed to promote the idea of a collaborative market, responsible and friendly with society and the environment. Do you need anything for the camping trip with your friends? For the football match of the weekend? For your party tonight? Buying is not the only option, that's why we created ALQ!

    With ALQ you can put your things to generate profits. Your bicycle, your camera, your camping tent, your speakers, a book or anything you have. With just a few clicks you will be generating profits easily. ALQ has insurance to protect your things, you can also evaluate lessees and lessors , and the objects offered.

    In addition, you can make private loans to your friends, making sure your item is returned to you. You can put a small amount per day for unlimited time to your object.

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